Highwinds Observatory construction

Most of the work I did myself in the summer of 2003.   I received help from some friends and family members who assisted in 
building the roof trusses and roller support structure.   I went with a larger structure (11' 6" * 11' 6") since I have a very large yard
and now that I have collected other gear, I'm glad I went with that size.  

CJE design plans can't be beat.  Saved me a lot of time and it was exactly what I was looking for.  The only real blunder I made was having the door face West, and I used to get a little moisture by the door due to the high winds and driving rain we get up here at 1,000 feet elevation in Geneseo.    I have added a storm door to eliminate the moisture problem, which has worked out great.   I do like having the door facing the house however.

Since I have a 12" Meade LX-200 Classic SCT on a Milburn wedge, I can't begin to tell you how much more enjoyable my observing sessions have become since I don't have to break everything down.  I just  put back on all of the lens and scope covers, roll the roof back, secure the 6 turnbuckles and go to bed.

Clear skies !

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