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Welcome to:   Highwinds Observatory   Geneseo, New York

Here are some images I have taken over the years of the incredible beauty of our universe !    These are a combination of a Minolta SRT101 35 mm film camera, a Nikon Coolpix 4500 digital camera, and in August of 2006 I purchased Meade DSI Pro II camera (with filter set).   I'm just getting the hang of the Meade camera, and finding out the learning curve of CCD LRGB imaging is fairly steep.   

Aerial view of Highwinds Observatory 10/07 Courtesy - Mari deWit

- Wide field:   Lightning / Auroras / Meteors

- Lunar pics

  Rainbow over Highwinds Observatory 08/07  

- Solar System

- Nebulae, Galaxies & Star clusters

- Solar

- Current weather in Geneseo
Weather station is 2 miles away at a similar
elevation - 1000 ft, just north of rte. 20A

- Highwinds Farm Webcam - Updated every 15 min !
  Looking west towards the Genesee River valley



Last updated:  Aug. 9th, 2009    NEW Images:  Jupiter with Io transit











- Click here  for some pictures of the construction of  Highwinds Observatory in 2003.  Highwinds Observatory construction

- I used the plans from  Backyard Observatories   and it certainly made construction much easier.

- Here is the link to our horse boarding facility in Geneseo:  www.highwindsfarm.net

- My email is:   highwinds.observatory@yahoo.com 






















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