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Moon on 04-15-08
Courtesy Mari de Wit - taken with digital camera / Orion 8" Dobsonian directly through 26mm plossell eyepiece

Mar, 2003 Minolta SRT 101 at prime focus on 35mm slide film and scanned, processed in Photoshop

2001  Nikon 4500 digital at prime focus

2001 taken with 35mm film camera at prime focus on 12" LX-200

Full moon during and after the Lunar eclipse on 11-08-03

Lunar eclipse composite 11-08-03

Nikon 4500

Plato 04-14-08
Meade LPI Imager

Copernicus 04-14-08
Meade LPI Imager

Tycho (left) and Clavius (top)  04-14-08
Meade LPI Imager

Moon - 04-14-08

Moon - Venus conjunction 05-19-07