Image of Mars  Aug, 2003.  Color enhanced to bring out
surface and polar region detail.  Hmmmm, maybe those are canals ?

2 Quicktime movies of Mars, Nov 2003 taken with Nikon 4500 and 12" LX-200.  These have not been processed. 

** Note: These are 4 mb files and may take a few minutes to load from the Go Daddy web server.   Worth the wait however !  If you have any issues, just save the file and run from your computer. (may need Quicktime or Windows Media Player to run)

Notice how the planet moves in an out of focus and the detail changes as the atmospheric "seeing" changes.  This is due to the constant variations in turbulence of the Earth's atmosphere.  The "seeing" is normally not very good here in upstate NY, approx 30 miles south of Lake Ontario.

These images of Mars are about as good as it gets here in Geneseo.  You can see the polar region (white) and a good amount of detail on the planet surface.   Enjoy !

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Comet Holmes on 10/31/07

Jupiter and moons on 6/9/07

Jupiter images on  06-06-08

Jupiter 08-02-08 Note the Great
Red Spot (GRS) in the top center. 
GEG at f6.3 (no barlow)  

Callisto transit (top)  and Ganymede
shadow (bottom) on 08-04-08. Meade
LPI with 2x barlow  without GEG at f10

Jupiter with Io transit on 08-03-09
after collimation of LX200 12"


Jupiter and moons 08-13-09  and  08-17-09

Saturn 2003

Saturn 04-14-08 - LPI

Saturn 04-14-08 - LPI