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Star trails Nov, 2001

Leonids near Orion, Nov. 18th,  2001 

Leonid fireball caught on 100 speed film in Nov. 18th, 2001 just before dawn (Unfortunately I had run out of 1000 speed film).  Meteor appeared much brighter than what I caught on film.  Note at least 7 other Leonids in this approx. 5 min. exposure.

Smoke trail from same Leonid fireball above taken a few minutes later.  Trail was visible for at least 15 minutes.

Leonids over Geneseo, 2001.  Composite image of bright meteor over our barn at Highwinds Farm looking south towards Lima Road


Northern lights in 2004.  Looking north towards Rochester

Lightning looking west over the Genesee Valley in 2004

Lightning looking east over HW Observatory 2004

Sunset and moon over Geneseo, 2001